Saudi Arabia Plastic Injection Machine Air Cooled Water Chiller

10-17-2019 MGREENBELT
Plastic and rubber field is the most popular industry for air-cooled chiller application. 

In the plastics industry.

A chilling system can also cool down the hot plastic and the molding equipment, which can create big savings on energy consumption and on the maintenance of the machines that are used to produce plastic products, this is the plastic chiller working process.

Air cooled chillers can greatly improve the surface of plastic products, eliminate the surface marks and relieve internal stress of plastic products.

By doing so, the plastic products do not shrink or deform easily, which facilitates their moldings. As a result, the production efficiency of molding machines is significantly upgraded by air-cooled chillers.

The cooling capacity required is direct proportion to the injection volume of the molding machine.

Air cooled scroll chiller series we have exported to Saudi Arabia market, Cooling capacity as 2 Tr, 5 TR, 8 TR , 10 TR, 20 TR , 30 TR 

Model MG-5CMG-10C(D), MG-15C(D), MG-20C(D), MG-25C(D), MG-30C(D), MG-40C(F)

Above plastic chiller we have exported to Saudi Arabia, and received very good comments from user.