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09-16-2019 MGREENBELT

What's the glycol chiller?

MGREENBELT Chiller manufactures glycol chillers of many different variations for the winery and brewery business.
These glycol chillers are widely used for the fermentation process or fermentation chamber.
The temperature when you ferment your wort at can make or break your beer production. When fermenting beer in areas of high ambient temperature, it can be challenging fermenting yours at 68 deg F.
The flavor in the beer can be hindered if temperatures are higher than recommended by the yeast strain.
Glycol chillers manufactured by MGREENBELT can allow you to control your fermenting environment at a low electrical consumption cost compared to a dedicated ferment cooling refrigerator.
This is a glycol chiller for ferment cooling, we call this kind of chiller is fermentation chiller.

MGREENBELT engineering will give you professional instructions to avoid any mistake during sizing the cooling system.
The exact temperature you want to achieve during the fermentation process, the brewhouse capacity, the quantity and volume of fermentation tanks as well as the quantity and volume of the brine tanks.

As we know glycol is very important for glycol chiller liquid, the major function of using glycol is to prevent freezing of the process fluid and ensure consistent flow at the operating temperature for glycol chiller normal working conditions.
But what’s the best ratio of glycol and water mixtures? MGREENBELT having its professional tips about this as below:
16%glycol and 84%water when water temperature@0°,
24%glycol and 76% water when water temperature@-5°,
32%glycol and 68%water when water temperature@-10°,
40%glycol and 60%water when water temperature@-15°,
45%glycol and 55% water when water temperature@-20°,
50%glycol and 50% water when water temperature@-25°,
53%glycol and 47% water when water temperature@-30°.