4x3000L Tank Brewery 30HP Glycol Chiller From Canada

11-16-2019 MGREENBELT

Glycol chiller plays a significant role in the fermentation process, but what’s the specific application of the fermentation chiller?

Glycol water chiller should work with plate heat exchanger and fermentation tanks, Let’s have a look at the application introduction of a fermentation chiller.

Glycol chiller plate heat exchanger and fermentation tank

The process of making wine has evolved into one of the most scientific processes in the beverage industry.


MGREENBELT can provide complete glycol chillers including simple or advanced chiller control systems.

Most wineries & breweries tend to keep controls as simple as possible to avoid any confusion for their maintenance team.

The wine-making process evolved tremendously over hundreds of years into a highly scientific operation beginning with the development of the grapevine right down to the packaging of the wine.

However, the most advanced developments have occurred in the process of winemaking.

Once the must or crushed grapes are transferred to the fermentation tanks, these fermentation tanks are cooled to maintain a desired temperature in the 40-F range.

The winemaker adds sugar and yeast to start the process of fermentation.

Fermentation chillers designed by MGREENBELT are very high efficiency, low cost, durable cooling systems that can be operated by anyone after simple explanation