How do industrial chillers maintain the normal operation of industrial chillers?

09-06-2019 MGREENBELT

The length of time that different companies use industrial chillers on a daily basis is different. After long-term operation, if the industrial chiller can enjoy comprehensive maintenance and maintenance, the industrial chiller has a very long service life. For industrial chiller equipment that lacks maintenance and maintenance, different types of faults are inevitable. In particular, Freon is used as a cooling medium device. There are problems with Freon. The heat dissipation is low and the refrigeration effect is good. The heat dissipation is not good, the pressure is high, the cooling effect is poor, the current is large, the compressor is overloaded for a long time, and the compressor is easy to break.

In the long-term use process, companies need to conduct comprehensive testing on industrial chillers on a regular basis. If the industrial chiller has serious problems such as increased power consumption during long-term operation, check the project: A compressor current B refrigerant pressure C radiator (air-cooled inspection heat-dissipating fin, water-cooled inspection shell-and-tube condenser And cooling towers, etc.

For industrial chiller equipment, the daily inspection content is very large, but for large industrial chiller equipment, the number of industrial chillers used by enterprises is very large. In the absence of maintenance and maintenance, many industrial chillers may cause problems such as Freon leakage. For industrial chillers, Freon can quickly consume heat. If Freon's work is unstable, it means that a large amount of heat from industrial chillers cannot be volatilized through normal channels. When heat is accumulated to a certain extent, it will directly Affecting the normal operation of industrial chillers, resulting in a large increase in the operating energy consumption of equipment, seriously affecting the stable operation of industrial chillers.


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