What are the four criteria for judging the safety quality of industrial chillers?

09-06-2019 MGREENBELT

1. Hanging point position The suitable lifting point position can ensure better air circulation effect when the industrial chiller operates at high efficiency. Careful observation of the location of the industrial chiller installation, if the location of the ventilation effect is better, and the location of all connections is relatively strong, then the enterprise can open the equipment for testing. The position of the lifting point has a great impact on the operating efficiency of the industrial chiller, and the enterprise needs to pay attention to it.

2. Whether the oil separator is operating normally Whether it is a semi-closed or fully enclosed industrial chiller, an oil separator is required after installation. There is a limit to the oil capacity inside the oil separator, and there are strict requirements for the temperature of the oil inside the industrial chiller oil separator during operation. When the cooling environment is lower than minus 15 to 20 degrees, the industrial chiller is required to use the refrigerating machine oil that can adapt to the low temperature environment. Under normal temperature environment, there is no strict requirement for the oil, just keep the oil separator stable. .

3. Whether the pipeline interface is complete The industrial chiller uses a lot of pipelines, especially in the position of the compressor suction and exhaust valves. If there is a problem with the installation of the pipeline, it will affect the normal operation of the industrial chiller. The safe installation standard is that the condenser pipe and the compressor pipe must maintain an effective distance of 2 meters to avoid normal operation due to the small distance.

4. Fixing of the compressor The industrial chiller uses a lot of pipes. If the compressor is not fixed properly, it will vibrate during operation, and the copper pipe will be damaged. The leakage of refrigerant will affect the normal operation of the industrial chiller.

Efficient operation of industrial chillers requires safe installation of equipment. By carefully checking the safety quality of the industrial chiller and ensuring that all auxiliary equipment is operating normally, it can provide a higher quality low temperature environment for the enterprise. Therefore, the purpose of extending the service life of the industrial chiller can be achieved, and the impact of various types of failures on the production of the enterprise can be reduced.

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