What should be paid attention to when the screw chiller is in power distribution?

09-05-2019 MGREENBELT

1. After the screw chiller arrives at the customer site, the power supply line needs to be connected to the unit control cabinet. The inlet of the control cabinet is above the control cabinet. The power inlet of the chiller control cabinet must be 1 meter higher than the unit, and the control cabinet cannot be pressurized. Connect the power line to the terminals R, S, T, N. After the first 24 hours (the shortest time allowed), re-tighten the terminals.

2. In addition to the screw type chiller itself controlling the electric box, the electric control cabinet of the water pump and the water tower fan is required. The power supply part of the electric control cabinet includes: the main power supply wiring copper row, and the Y-Δ compressor starting electrical device.

3. The domestic standard screw chiller working power is 3N~, AC380V, 50Hz. The external power supply must conform to the electrical characteristics of the unit to ensure the service life of the unit. The deviation of the power supply voltage is preferably less than 5%. The total power supply is connected through the upper threaded hole on the back of the chiller electric control cabinet, and is connected to the power supply copper busbar or terminal block. , complete the power wiring.

4. All power supply circuits should be installed in accordance with national electrical codes.

5. The specifications of the power cord connected to the screw chiller control cabinet should be selected according to the rated current on the nameplate. The total power supply must be equipped with a certain margin. The recommended value is 1.25~1.3 times of the parameters of the unit, pump and water tower. The current carrying capacity of the power supply cable (wire) should be slightly larger than the maximum operating current of the chiller, and the impact of the working environment should be considered. The grounding cable and automatic disconnection measures are provided in the electric control box, and the user-supplied power supply must be equipped with this measure. The high-current unit should be powered by two-way power supply, but the two-way power supply must have the same line diameter and belong to the same brand.

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