When purchasing a chiller, it is necessary to comprehensively test the performance of all aspects.

09-16-2019 MGREENBELT

1, the type of evaporator will also affect the price of screw chiller

Screw-type chillers are commonly used in shell-and-tube evaporators, which are made of high-quality externally-threaded copper tubes, high-strength sealing structure, and strong heat exchange capacity. Its main material, copper tube, also has advantages and disadvantages, so the price will be biased.

In addition, due to different customer requirements, some need to use titanium tube evaporator, then the material of titanium tube evaporator and shell tube evaporator is completely different, the price is relatively different.


   2, the control system is different, resulting in a difference in the price of the screw chiller

     Under normal circumstances, the screw chiller control system is based on the United States Bangpu control panel. Some customers prefer different touch screens. We all know that touch and button type are two completely different control methods, and the price is naturally different.


Therefore, when you buy a screw chiller, you not only ask about the price of the chiller, but also compare the reference according to the different configurations provided by different manufacturers, so that you can purchase the screw chiller at Xinyi at an affordable price.

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