Mgreenbelt Air Cooled Chiller For Laboratory with High Precision

12-27-2019 MGREENBELT
MGREENBELT manufactures and distributes air cooled and water cooled lab chillers for any application. Standard units are in stock with brazed plate heat exchangers, with and without pump and reservoir, and higher efficiency than ever before. MGREENBELT chillerscan be portable or stationery. Portable chillers can be used for multiple applications, and be wheeled to each station with convenience. Units are light-weight, and have small foot prints which makes it easier to maneuver around other equipment.

Standard and custom chiller systems are available. MGREENBELT products builds recirculating chillers for laboratory applications to meet your our client’s needs. Cupre nickel, brazed plate, or titanium evaporators and heat exchangers can be utilized for corrosive material applications. Contact an experienced lab chiller engineer today.

Some Common Lab Applications:
Reaction vessels
Diffusion pumps
Sputtering systems
Cooling Analytical Instrumentation
University Research

Electron Microscopes


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